Energy, Environment, Pulp and paper industry

Drive technology made in Switzerland

Rollstar planetary gear units and hydraulic geared motors are as diverse as the industries in which they are used:

Whether as a drive for a rotor turning device for turbines in the energy sector, a screw conveyor or screw press for efficient sludge dewatering in paper factories or a shredder for tires or PET recycling in the plastics and rubber industries, all applications have one thing in common: the compact Rollstar gearbox produces on the smallest place the most possible torque and is optimally designed for the needs of the customer's system.

The large selection of modular gear stages and options such as holding brakes, sensors for speed monitoring, level indicators, gear shifting, to name just a few, which can be adapted and tailored to suit the application by our in-house engineering team is also appreciated by the designers from our customers.

Below pichture show a drive of a fermenter of a biological digester plant, with 4-stage planetary gearbox with shrink disc design at output and in combination with electric motor at input, able to generate torque of 360’000 Nm at the gearbox Output.

Wood and cellulose processing

Conveyor belts, agitators and mixers, rollers, lifting devices, sugar mills, platforms and many more are other applications where Rollstar offers suitable solutions, as can be seen in the pictures below. These drives serve as drives for wood conveyor chains in wood and cellulose processing: