Mining, Cement industry

Successful worldwide on apron conveyors

In mining and cement industry, the conditions are dusty and very hard for the machines and also the machine operators on site. The Rollstar hydraulic motors with included planetary gears cope very well with the harsh conditions and the climate and always do their job.

Planetary gears from Rollstar, which can be combined in a modular design to the parameters required by the machine manufacturer, are used in mining and cement industry. With the modular design of the Rollstar planetary gearbox, an almost infinite number of gearbox combinations is possible. Many Rollstar customers, such as ThyssenKrupp (and formerly Polysius), HAZEMAG or Irish Cement, have been using Rollstar products in their systems for decades. These are used, among other things, in apron belt drives, which are used in crusher plants or as loading and unloading conveyors e.g. serve in the cement and raw materials industry.

Above pictures show an apron conveyor drive of a rock crusher. The drive of this apron conveyor consists of two four-stage hydraulic gear motors with shrink disc design and each with a maximum output torque of 525’000 Nm.

The pictures below show another possible application of Rollstar planetary gears. Just like for apron conveyor drives, the Rollstar planetary gears can also be used for mobile and stationary crushing plants.

Possible application in cement industry

In addition to drives for apron conveyor, Rollstar planetary gears are also used as drives in cement production. For example as a drive for an air separator in cement factories. The vertical use of the planetary gear with the downward output requires higher demands on the bearings of the individual gear stages. In order to be able to meet all the high technical requirements, Rollstar only uses high-quality purchased products such as bearings, seals and securing elements in addition to its own produced gearbox components.

The picture above shows an air separator drive from Rollstar. The gearbox is suitable for a maximum output torque of 195 kNm. The Rollstar planetary gear is driven by two RM1250 radial piston motors from DÜSTERLOH Fluidtechnik.