Information about Covid-19

Measures related to COVID-19

Dear Sir or Madam

The peak of the spread of the coronvirus (Covid-19) in Europe is probably not expected until the next few weeks or even months.As of March 17, 2020, the Federal Council classified the current situation for Switzerland as exceptional and has taken appropriate measures. We take this extraordinary situation very seriously. We feel extremely committed to the health care of our employees, their families, but also our customers and suppliers and all other business partners.
We do our utmost to protect our employees from possible contagion while at the same time maintaining operations and ensuring that our customers are supplied. In this way, we consistently adhere to the behavior and hygiene rules of the SwissFederal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and follow the measures adopted by the Federal Council.
The spread of the corona virus currently has no direct impact on our readiness to deliver. We are in close contact with our suppliers and keep a close eye on further developments so that we can quickly take new measures and avoid delivery bottlenecks if possible.
Nevertheless, despite our efforts, somewhat longer reaction times and / or unforeseen bottlenecks could arise due to force majeur, about which we will of course inform you as soon as possible.
Our availability is guaranteed.Please understand that, given the current situation, we will refrain from visiting customers and suppliers until further notice.Nevertheless, we want to maintain our customer focus and our service with the "necessary distance".
We will continuously reassess this extraordinary situation and react appropriately.
We wish you all the best and confidence in these challenging times for us.Stay healthy!
Best regards

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